Play Style

Poker Bluff

Faced when your intentions are crooked. Don’t be afraid to bluff. Even the most honest souls should bluff every so often, just to keep opponents a bit off balance. If you never bluff and only bet with strong cards, players will know you only stick around with a good hand. In this case, when you have a strong hand they may fold early and ruin your chances of taking a massive pot. Admittedly, you might have to lose a round or two by having someone call your bluff, but in the long run, it’s worth it. Conversely, don’t press your luck. Bluffing should be part of your poker arsenal, but you should use it wisely. Many players get a bit too enamored with their skills of deception and lose a lot of pots by having their bluffs called.

Five Card Draw

Five-card draw, or draw poker, is one of the oldest party poker games, and it is unique in that players have the opportunity to exchange their cards or draw” from the deck to try and improve their hands. So, if you don’t like what you see, you can always try your luck with some new cards. Unlike stud games, players only see the cards in their own hands. (But smart players will pay close attention to how many cards other players draw after the first round of betting, as well as their opponents’ betting patterns.) Before opening the game, the dealer must decide how many cards each player can draw from the deck after the first round of betting. The standard limit is three. In some games, a player may draw four cards if he is holding an Ace, which must be shown to the table.


Blind Shuffle

In the first part of our book we described two blind shuffles for retaining either the upper or lower half of the deck in the same order, yet apparently shuffling the whole deck. Retaining the whole deck in a prearranged order is seldom or never attempted, or even desired, at the card table. But the conjurer performs many very interesting tricks through such an arrangement; therefore it is necessary to provide a blind shuffle that will not disturb any part of the online poker deck. The following methods for retaining the entire order will be found sufficiently deceptive for his purpose, though by no means so perfect in appearance as the processes already described.